Portraits I
»Gated Paradise«
Querétaro, Mexico
Platz doch!
Slovak Slow Food Cuisine, Kreuzberg
Shanghai Street Portraits
Italiani a Berlino
Ep. 01 – Valentina
Portraits II
»Wall Stories«
Book for the anniversary 25 Years Fall of the Berlin Wall
Portrait series of contemporary witnesses
Exhibition »BERLIN MEXICO 2014«
16th of January – 8th of March
Neue Schule für Fotografie Berlin
»stimmig – 10 Vokalexkursionen«
Documentary about the variety of human vocal expression: Yodeling, overtone singing, buccal speech, laughter yoga, the contemporary classical music´s sound repertoire, esophageal speech, beatboxing and animal voice imitation.
»Karneval der Kulturen«
Berlin 2012
Portrait III
»Feedback Schleifen«
Circus Theatre Performance
set photography
In the Studio
Pécs Street Portraits
Ruhrgebiet Street Portraits
»Dance of March«
a performer's portrait
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